Landscape design

Landscape design

Beauty. It casts a spell on everyone coming into its presence. It awakens unmistakable feelings of admiration and delight. The feelings that are different from a feeling of satisfaction derived from ordinary items and experiences.

An example of this is the beauty, reflected by a garden that has been thoughtfully refurbished in the best traditions of landscape design.

What’s landscape design?

Landscape design is a relatively new art tradition, aimed at making gardens visually pleasing and practical at the same time. It consists of two components: the softscape, namely, living elements (e.g., plants and trees) and the hardscape – non-living elements (e.g., fountains and pavers).

Historically, according to a famous landscape architect Garrett Eckbo, the main goals of gardens were to be food-producing or space-creating. However, nowadays, more and more gardens are designed with a goal to satisfy aesthetic needs and preferences of their owners.

Just like all types of preferences, the aesthetic ones vary depending on a part of the world that people live in and a culture that they belong to or find inspiring. A landscape designer accounts for this and works with a variety of culture-inspired themes to fulfil aesthetic desires of every client.

Design themes

Below are a few examples of the most popular landscape design themes with a brief description of their main features:

· Asian
Use of stone, elements of symbolism, monochromatic colours and simplicity.   


· Contemporary
A combination of colour contrast, mass plantings and decorative foliage.


· Formal
Classic architecture, symmetry, topiary and crisp geometric shapes. It is the most common design theme in England and some European countries.    


· Tropical
Hot colours, bold leaves and a jungle-like appearance.


Taking into consideration geographic location, property’s idiosyncrasies and other external factors, professional landscape designers work to bring clients’ desired design themes to their gardens.

The responsibilities of a landscape designer

A professional landscape designer:

· Gathers information about individual needs and preferences of a client.

· Carries out an analysis of a client’s property from a variety of viewpoints to create a customized plan for a site.

· Uses imagination, education and experience to spot problems and opportunities of a site.

· Offers an artistic eye to help a client see how certain ideas can be manifested at their site.

· Helps to choose the most fitting combination of hardscape and softscape elements for the design’s plan.

· Helps to avoid costly mistakes and works within an agreed budget.

· Engages a network of experts to ensure a success of the project.

The benefits of landscape design

The advantages of a well-executed landscape design are both practical (e.g., an increase in usable space, avoidance of unnecessary confusion and costly mistakes) and aesthetic (such as long-lasting enjoyment of a garden). Moreover, a high-quality refurbishment of the outdoor living areas can be an effective investment. Recent research indicates that professionally developed gardens possess a potential to increase the value of a property up to twenty percent.

If this is what you are looking for, please contact the team of professionals from the Russad company for a friendly consultation. Your questions will be answered. While your needs and preferences will be heard and carefully considered when designing the future garden of your dreams.

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